Welcome to Promdi Kitchen + Bar

Welcome to Promdi Kitchen + Bar


Welcome to Promdi Kitchen + Bar, a home away from home to the original mix and match Filipino breakfast and the famous Ilocano “Bagnet”.  We bank on the heritage and homestyle flavors of authentic Filipino cuisine.



For food lovers who haven’t tasted authentic Filipino food, it is a fusion of influences coming from Spain, China, Melaka and even France.  Filipino cuisine has been an adaptation of various flavors combined with our culture and is said to be one of the best in the world.   Our menu features tasty and creative food, freshly prepared and cooked using local ingredients.

We complement innovation with tradition, keeping the vibrant profile that Filipinos look for, while adding a few embellishments and culinary techniques to elevate the homey dishes into modern Filipino cuisine.

We try to jazz up Filipino cooking without compromising the simple flavors that define it.  We capture the Filipinos ideal experiences with a good chow.   We offer simple, straightforward comfort food.

To complement your fine dining,  we offer live and world-class entertainment at its best and this includes  concerts and events.  We have well-known and great performers in line for the rest of the year.  Let Promdi Kitchen Bar take you on an exciting entertaining and gastronomical journey that would make you crave for more and a walk through memory lane that will remind you of food from home!

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Welcome to Promdi

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